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Looking to lose weight? Bulk up? Get stronger? Run faster?

Performance Gym | RPM | Birmingham

Whatever your fitness goals, RPM in Birmingham, Michigan can help you achieve them with small workout classes and individualized results.

Leg Workouts

Give your quads, hamstrings and calves a hardcore workout to achieve stronger and more enviable legs. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced leg workout classes designed to boost your strength and performance goals.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout classes merge cardio and strength-training exercises into one fun and intense session. Most attendees are amazed at how big of a workout you can get in such a short amount of time. Boost muscle mass, speed and performance, and have a great time doing it with HIIT classes at RPM fitness in Birmingham, Michigan. Join your first class today!


Become more mobile and flexible while boosting your strength with this Total Body resistance Exercise that was designed by a Navy Seal. Each body-weight workout class involves the use of suspension training bands that will test the limits of your mind, body and spirit. No dumbbells or machines are necessary to give you a streamlined and more enviable physique. Join today and see if TRX is the workout class for you.

Back Workouts

Our back workouts encourage your body’s weaker muscles to grow, which increases your strength while improving your posture. Join one of our classes today and put your back into it with safe and effective workouts that can help your entire body move better.

Arm Workouts

 Put your biceps, triceps and forearms to the test with arm workouts for women and men. These classes are made for any fitness and strength level. Schedule now and flex your way to stronger, more shapely arms.

Hybrid Spin Classes

We offer spin classes for beginners and more experienced fitness enthusiasts alike. Go at your own pace or see what your body is made of. Whatever your fitness goals, you can achieve them with short but intense fitness classes that bring indoor cycling and fun music together for a mega calorie-burning session.


Get your booty into shape with glute training classes that put the strength and appearance of your backside first. Using a combination of dumbbells and resistance bands, you’ll find yourself squeezing, flexing, and working your way to a more well-rounded and curvier YOU.


Take your strength and endurance to the next level with bootcamp fitness classes by qualified instructors. Get a sense of camaraderie while you push your body and mind to their very limits. Each class offers high-intensity strength and conditioning exercises combined with aerobics and other techniques. Join today and see if a bootcamp style workout is right for you.

Smaller Classes Bring Community Together

Our classes are intended to bring fitness-minded Birmingham residents together under one roof. You have access to cutting-edge fitness and workout equipment, and we even offer nutrition counseling to streamline your physique and improve your health.

The group setting is especially good for motivation. As you are probably aware, commitment or lack thereof is what holds many back from attaining their health and fitness goals. Our classes will keep you motivated and you, in turn, will help to keep your fellow class goers motivated for results, performance and mind expansion.

Individualized Results, Performance & Mind Results

Each of our fitness classes holds no greater than ten individuals, which allows for personalized attention. It’s similar to engaging in a personal training session, even though you are participating in one of our sweat-inducing fitness classes.

All fitness levels are welcome. If you want to get in shape, lose weight and feel great, sign up for one of the many fitness classes we offer at RPM. No matter your fitness goals, we have a group session made just for you.

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