Are you struggling to lose those unwanted pounds in your body? If you are, you may also have tried multiple weight loss tips without getting any real results. On the internet, you’ll come across a lot of advice that is misleading. That is exactly why so many people say, “I tried this, and it didn’t work.” If you are in search of tips to lose weight or belly fat fast, just keep on reading.

Excess body weight is a health issue, which should be paid attention to in time. If you have extra belly fat or your body weight is more than average, you are at a risk of getting a heart disease, type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. There are various methods and workout regimen that you can use to burn the extra calories and transform your body and live a healthy life. Whether you want to shed a little or a lot of fat, achieving your fitness goals is always possible. All you need to do is follow the tips that actually work and stick to them for the desired results.

Given below are fifteen methods that have been proven to work really well, provided you follow them properly and consistently.

#1. Consume Lots of High Fiber Foods

Both soluble and insoluble fiber foods are good for health. For people who want to lose extra weight, soluble fiber is more important. Foods with soluble fiber are digested slowly and it gives you a feeling of being full. As a result, you tend to consume less food and start losing extra fat or weight. 

Examples of high fiber foods include barley, lentils, beans, legumes, flax seeds, peas and certain fruits and vegetables.

#2. Stay Away from Foods that Contain Trans Fats

Trans fat is found in many food products sold in the market. This is a type of fat that is very harmful for health. In fact, this is the worst type of fat that you can consume. Trans fat increases bad cholesterol and decreases good cholesterol in the human body. If you are trying to lose weight or belly fat, you should avoid such foods that have trans fats in them. Even if you are not overweight, it is good advice to avoid the consumption of this fat for maintaining good health.

Examples of food with trans fats include baked products, frozen pizza, fried food, stick margarine etc. Make a list of all foods that have high content of trans fats, and remove them from your everyday diet.

Include More Protein in Your Diet2

#3. Include More Protein in Your Diet

For any weight loss program to succeed, it is crucial to include protein-rich food in the diet. When you take a lot of protein, you’ll feel full for hours on end. Not feeling hungry for longer periods means you’ll eat less.

Studies have ascertained the effectiveness of protein. High protein intake doesn’t only suppress your appetite, but it also helps you transform your body by helping you to keep muscle mass intact during weight loss. People who eat less protein have been reported to have extra belly fat. If you plan to lose excessive weight as well as acquire a nice and fit body shape, you should include a high amount of protein in your diet. Sources of high protein include meat, fish, eggs etc.

#4. Cut Down on Sugary Foods

Consumption of extra sugar is bad for health. In fact, people who take excessive sugar in their diet tend to develop various types of chronic illnesses over time. For losing weight, you really need to cut out sugar.

If you are overweight or have extra belly fat, you should take a closer look at your diet and see if you are taking lots of sugary foods such as cakes, fruit juices, sports drink, chocolate milk, flavored coffee, iced tea etc. Even if it is real honey, you need to lower its consumption. The biggest reason for putting on lots of weight is the high intake of sugary foods. Whether it is naturally occurring sugar or sweetener, limit your sugar intake starting from today.

#5. Eat Fatty Fish

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), one should eat fatty fish at least twice a week. Eating fatty fish is a surefire way to improve your physical fitness and health. Fatty fish are known for containing high amounts of omega-3 fats, which gives you protection against multiple diseases.

Omega-3 fatty acids lowers your blood pressure and triglyceride level. It slows down the formation of plaque in the arteries. These fatty acids reduce your risk of getting a heart attack or stroke. As per some studies, it has been found the omega-3s also helps you eliminate visceral fat. To lose abdominal fat and body weight fast, you should have at least two servings of fatty fish every week. Some good fatty fish choices include salmons, sardines, lake trout, herring etc.

Aerobic Exercise

#6. Do Aerobic Exercise

According to a new study, aerobic exercise is the most effective type of exercise to lose extra belly fat. Do aerobic exercise consistently for a duration of 8-10 months to see good results on your body. Belly fat or visceral fat inside the abdominal cavity. Aerobic exercise burns that fat fast.

Also referred to as cardio, aerobic workouts and activities are very effective to maintain good cardiovascular as well as overall health. When doing aerobic workouts, it is more important to focus on the duration and the frequency of the training, than on intensity of the training. It is also a good practice to start slow and easy with aerobic workouts and then gradually move to higher intensity cardio exercise. To do aerobic workout properly, you should either seek the help of a physical fitness trainer or head over to a fitness club or fitness gym near your location.

Proper aerobic workout will help you lose excessive weight fast, particularly lose the fat around your waistline.

#7. Reduce Your Carb Intake

Cutting down on your carb intake will make your weight loss journey much easier. While you increase the intake of high-protein foods, you should cut down on the consumption of a high carb diet as well.

People who take lots of whole grain food tend to put on weight over time. If you have extra abdominal fat, high carb foods might be the real culprit. To succeed with your weight loss program and acquire physical fitness, you should monitor how much high carb food you are eating. This doesn’t mean you need to stick to a strict low-carb diet. It just means that you should reduce your consumption of carbs on an everyday basis. According to some physical fitness trainers, simply replacing refined carbs in your diet with unprocessed starchy carbs works well too. A diet with less than 50 gm of carbs per day is a good diet for losing extra fat.

#8. Avoid Heavy Alcohol Consumption

Drinking too much alcohol is linked with multiple serious health issues such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, liver disease etc. Excessive use of alcohol also causes you to gain belly fat.

People who consume excessive alcohol have a high risk of getting central obesity. Such habits change how various systems function in the human body. Drinking too much alcohol will affect your metabolism and other issues which will make it hard for you to shed extra weight. To reduce fat from the waistline, you should cut down on the intake of alcohol. It can be difficult to get rid of this habit altogether. But reducing the level of consumption even to some degree everyday will help you a lot in achieving your weight loss goals and reducing belly fat.

#9. Indulge in Activities that Relieve Stress

Nature has built an alarm system in the human body. When you are under stress, your body releases a stress hormone called cortisol. When the level of cortisol goes beyond the normal level, it affects your appetite and body weight. In many people, extra belly fat is caused due to high cortisol levels.

If you are a woman with a large waist, stress hormones can affect your weight in a truly significant manner. For both men and women to succeed with their weight loss goals, it is crucial to keep stress levels under control. There are several activities that you can indulge in to reduce stress. Do some yoga and perform some mindfulness meditation to minimize your stress level. Exercise and join a fitness center for guided workout classes to feel good and reduce belly fat.

#10. Sleep Well

Not getting enough sleep is a major reason for excess visceral fat in the body. If you want to lose weight and maintain good health, you should focus on getting at least seven hours of sleep every night.

However, just sleeping isn’t important. You need to get enough sleep as well as quality sleep. It has been found that many people gain extra weight due to sleep deprivation. If you are suffering from sleep apnea, the condition could contribute to your weight and belly fat gain. Sleep apnea is a serious disorder, which needs immediate attention and treatment. People with sleep apnea or other sleep disorder feel tired even after getting enough sleep. Get treated if you suspect you have any type of sleep disorder and focus on getting sound nightly sleep.

#11. Perform Strength (or Resistance) Training

Weight lifting or strength training is also called resistance training. If you plan to lose extra weight fast, you should never ignore the value of resistance training, one of the most effective methods for losing weight.

According to a study, a combination of resistance training and aerobic workouts showed great reduction in visceral fat. Though weight lifting has been around for centuries, its popularity as a weight loss technique has grown quite a lot in the last couple of years. For people who want to lose fat without decreasing muscle size, resistance training is the ideal method to use. Resistance training is extremely helpful for increasing the number of calories burnt while at rest. Head over to a nearby fitness gym to participate in effective weight lifting programs. A fitness trainer will help you do arm workouts, back workouts and leg workouts correctly.

You can also perform HIIT exercises and high intensity resistance training with the help of a physical fitness trainer.

#12. Do Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is actually a eating pattern, which you adopt to lose weight as well as improve your overall health. Over the recent past, this fasting has emerged as a highly effective weight loss method.

Since intermittent fasting is about changes to your eating pattern, you can choose the periods of eating and the periods of fasting as per suitability. Different patterns work for different people. For example, you can do intermittent fasting by keeping a fast for 24 hours once or twice a week. In alternate-day fasting, you’ll be fasting every other day. There are multiple eating patterns like these for you to do intermittent fasting. Select a pattern which works best in your case.


#13. Drink Green Tea

You must have heard about green tea. The healthy beverage is popular with people who want to burn calories and lose weight. 

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that are very beneficial for health. One of the most important among these antioxidants is epigallocatechin (EGCG), which is known to enhance metabolism. How does fat burn? The human body first breaks down the fat and then it is released into the bloodstream. That is exactly what the active compounds found in green tea help the body do. As a matter of fact, EGCG and caffeine together inhibit the enzyme which breaks down fat. When the broken down fat travels into the bloodstream, it becomes available as energy.

#14. Take a Probiotic Supplement

Gut health offers many health benefits. This refers to the function and balance of the bacteria which is found in the gastrointestinal tract. For easy digestion, the oesophagus, the stomach and the intestines need to work together in a proper manner. It is important to know that these bacteria or probiotics also affect body weight. There are probiotic foods and supplement which you can take to right balance different types of bacteria in the gut and lose weight and belly fat.


#15. Make Changes to Your Lifestyle

Losing weight and achieving fitness goals requires effort and commitment. For best results, you’ll need to change your lifestyle in many ways. Bad habits will need to go. Good ones will need to be adopted. 

Most importantly, you’ll need to use several of the weight loss methods above at once to get faster results. Whether you want to eat healthy foods, head over to the fitness gym for doing aerobics and resistance training, you’ll need to make some quick changes in your lifestyle for the long term. 


You won’t see results overnight. While you use these weight loss tips, you’ll need to stick to your plan and have some patience. Provided you follow the advice properly and remain committed throughout, you can ensure you’ll burn calories, lose weight fast and transform your body shape.

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