Personal Training Service by Birmingham Area Experts

RPM wants to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Using expert personal training in a professional gym setting, we bring Results, Performance and Mind together to deliver the results YOU want.

The choice to hire a personal trainer usually comes after significant effort to transform your body all on your own. Many of our clients come to us after the home gym or national chain gym failed them in their quest for bigger muscles, a more streamlined physique, or simple quest to look and feel better.

Our personal trainers work with individuals of all skill and fitness levels. From beginners to experts, our fitness professionals will provide you with customized personal training that focuses on your body type, fitness history, and goals.

Customized Personal Training Sessions

Your personal trainer will provide you with unique insight into various areas of your body for a complete body and mind transformation. You will have access to nutritional counseling, be instructed on various exercises like HIIT, aerial yoga, exercises for the whole body, specialty exercises like those for the arms, back, chest, and legs.

You don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed. Our personal trainers each possess vast experience. They understand human physiology and the struggles of remaining motivated. Working together, your personal trainer can enrich your life with all new exercises, fitness and diet advice, and the best courses of action for attaining the results you’re after.

State-of-the-Art Gym with Small Group Classes

After your personal fitness training session, we invite you to attend one of our small group classes. Each of our classes is tailored to the individual, which means we offer personalized attention from no fewer than two instructors per fitness class.

Depending on your goals, these classes can help you build upon the results you have achieved with your personal trainer. This is your chance to see just what you’re made of for a new and improved YOU.

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If you live in the local Birmingham area, we will provide you with your first personal training session absolutely free. Schedule today to start on your fitness journey.