Learn about RPM Gym, the Fitness Center in Birmingham, MI.

Results. Performance. Mind. (RPM) Classes no larger that 10 people (and at least two trainers), this is truly personalized attention.

The Payoff: Constant Progress!


RPM was recognized by our local community with a focus on Eric, the starter of it all. Below is the post that was submitted on Lululemon’s community page on Facebook. Eric is also an extension of the Lululemon brand by being in a program called the “men’s league”, an exclusive group of men that represent what it means to be a driver and influencer in the Birmingham community. Thank you Lululemon Athletica of Birmingham!

MARCH 2013

Women’s Health Magazine

RPM fitness received the honor and privilege of being represented in:

Women’s Health Magazine | RPM | Birmingham

RPM Fitness had their open house with special thanks to:

Stretch Zone, CryoSpa Detroit, and Be Well

MAY 2016

RPM Fitness was honored to be asked to represent our community on “Click on Detroit news” that covered 4 beauty tips to get ready for the upcoming summer. Eric was a highlight, explaining the way results are achieved and methods to get you there.

Facebook Post:

“Lululemon athletica Detroit added 10 new photos.

February 13, 2016 at 9:22pm

Results. Performance. Mind. 

Meet Eric, owner and trainer at RPM training facility in Birmingham, MI. I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with him. 

RPM offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience. That’s because of the core values that Eric has built the gym on, while keeping community at the forefront. You can expect a fun, high-intensity, full-body workout, or the trainers will tailor to your needs. We love the goal-crushing, happiness-inducing environment found at RPM. 

Eric started training at age 18. From California to Michigan, Eric was able to gain the knowledge from his unique experiences to open rpm. His goal was to open a gym in Birmingham, and now, four years after its opening, RPM is nearly at a wait list. 

From the moment you step inside his gym, Eric will make you feel like you are instantly a part of their community. “We’ll be seeing you there!”