Your Local Birmingham Fitness Center for Improved Health & Physique

What does fitness mean to you? For some, it means dropping excess pounds. Others feel that to be “fit” means to have large muscles or a streamlined body. Then there are those who simply want to live healthier and feel better.

At RPM Gym, we remain focused on YOUR fitness goals.

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Want to Lose Weight?

We offer customized nutrition counseling and personal training to achieve the body you want.

Looking to Gain Muscle?

Find your personal best and break through to the other side with expert personal training sessions designed to help your body grow!

Want to be Healthier?

Get diet and exercise advice, attain one of our fitness classes, and get involved with a community of fitness enthusiasts who prefer to bring Results, Performance and Mind together.

At RPM, you have access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment, several clean areas where you can engage in personal training or group classes, and personal trainers who remain focused on giving you the results you hope to achieve.

Become a Fitter Version of Yourself at RPM Gym

Whether you work out at a national chain or a home gym or you haven’t worked out in years, RPM Fitness Center has a fitness class or personal trainer that’s perfect for you. No matter how you start, it is how you proceed that truly matters. We will keep you motivated and working hard toward legitimate and life-changing results.

Make your clothes fit better, break your muscle-gaining plateaus, extend your endurance beyond measure, and take your physical fitness to the next level. Join RPM and we can give you the tools to make your fitness goals a reality.

For class schedules, personal training sessions, nutrition counseling, and to sign up free (Birmingham residents only), we invite you to call RPM where Results, Performance and Mind come together for improved quality of life.