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    Are you looking for a gym so you can get in better shape? Are you looking for a fitness club so you can lose weight? Are you a fitness enthusiast intent on taking your workouts to the next level? Or, maybe you are an athlete who wants to be bigger, faster, stronger, and with more endurance. Whatever your fitness goals, RPM has one-on-one attention and personal training to help you achieve your goals.

    Personal Training & Classes Customized for You

    We have personal training that will help you build bigger muscles and become stronger than you ever thought possible. We offer fitness classes that will see you engaged in aerobics, strength-building workouts, and spin classes, just to give a few examples. You never know which classes are next on the schedule, so keep checking to see which ones you might prefer. 

    However, you don’t have to be an athlete or experienced fitness enthusiast to enjoy RPM fitness club. Maybe you are used to working out at your home gym or the only experience you have is with one of those big-name gyms like 24-Hour Fitness or Planet Fitness. To ensure you have an enjoyable and safe time while working toward your fitness goals, we will assess your workout history and current health levels to recommend a workout regimen and customized nutritional guidelines made just for you.

    Work at Your Own Pace

    It means that you can workout as you want. As fitness professionals, we work at your pace to help you achieve the goals YOU want. We offer personal training and small group classes with no fewer than two instructors per class. You will find yourself engaged in some of the heaviest, yet fun and exciting workouts you’ve ever experienced.

    Your First Session is FREE

    The best part is that your first session is on us. Stop in or contact us today. We promote a mind-body connection to help you improve your motivation and keep you fitness-minded as you push your body to the absolute limits.

    For those who are intent on losing weight and feeling better, we also offer nutrition counseling by trained and experienced fitness professionals.

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    Take your body, mind, and spirit to the next level by choosing RPM in Birmingham, Michigan. 

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