Know more about Russ, one of the top trainers in RPM Gym.

russ | trainer | RPM | Birmingham

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

Who is your favorite Artist?

I love Salvador Dali. I love how he blends the human experience with a surreal perspective.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Pizza and White Chocolate Truffles.

If you could live in a book, movie, or TV show, what would it be?

The movie “Inception”. love the concept of exploring the subconscious of another human.

What animal best represents you, and why?

I would be a bear. Bears are strong and fierce, but mostly like to eat and sleep. Lol

Russ is a trainer who believes in, and practices, persistence and dedication. With 6 years of training experience, he is fascinated with the human body and how it responds to physical activity. He revels in helping clients understand not only what to do to train properly, but also WHY they are being instructed to do it. He loves to see clients take on new challenges and set new personal bests.
Russ has a deep background in strength training, metabolic and anaerobic conditioning, and is also well versed in combat sports. Russ has competed as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter for the last 3 years and has many more years of martial arts training before that. So whether it’s kettlebells or focus mitts, Russ is committed to helping clients develop themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

AMF Certified Personal