About RPM Gym in Birmingham

RPM is a community of enthusiastic trainers who warmly welcome members with similar goals in mind – turning fitness into something to look forward to, not dread. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or have had years of experience in the gym, RPM and its trainers are here to help you take it to the next level. 

Why Choose Our Fitness Center? 

RPM gives you the comfort, motivation, and energy of a small group setting with the one-on-one attention of our personal trainers.  We focus on your individual goals to get the results YOU want, with workouts that are just the right pace for your needs. 

You will leave RPM, feeling accomplished, invigorated, and ready for more. Come in for your first workout to discover how RPM can give you the confidence and motivation you’ve been waiting for!  

RPM Gym Trainers

With no two workouts the same, members are guided through 60-minute sessions designed to build muscle, burn calories, improve performance, and keep a healthy mindset. 

Here is what that means.

Schedule your next class, and you will find yourself embarking on a one-hour fitness journey unlike any you’ve ever experienced. We continuously switch our classes up so that few are ever the same. This keeps you on your toes, keeps you from getting bored, and forces your body to grow and adapt. From weight training exercises and aerobics classes to spin classes and combination classes, you never know what sessions are scheduled on this month’s calendar. Check and see and make sure you schedule to get the workout you’ve been missing.

We customized our muscle-building workouts for each individual. Are you a beginner? An experienced pro? We have the exercises designed just for you, whether you’re a male looking to bulk or a female looking to streamline. Whatever your goals, bigger and stronger muscles can be yours. 

With our small group classes, you should be ready to sweat and work hard. We test your endurance while adding fun and excitement to every class. With no less than two instructors per class, you get individualized attention and a solid workout for every sweat-inducing session.

Our personal training and group classes can make you stronger and faster while improving your endurance. Beginners can see themselves transformed while advanced students can break their personal bests. Test your limits and see how far you can go!

Without the right mindset, your fitness goals can become stagnated. Breakthrough your glass ceiling and find your personal best by fostering a mind and body connection. At RPM, we can help.

This isn’t your average gym or personal fitness center. We focus on giving YOU the results you want. From the moment we open until closing time, we are in the business of keeping you motivated and ready to push yourself to the limits. We can accommodate all fitness levels and styles, from athletes and workout enthusiasts to weekend warriors and those who merely want to get back in shape. Call or come into RPM today to discuss your fitness goals.


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Join Our Gym Now!

At RPM, you can find personal trainers and all types of workouts: HITT classes, group training classes, bootcamps, TRX, aerial yoga, arm workouts for women and men, spin classes, fitness classes, and more. We also offer nutrition counseling!