While people always want to lose weight, most of them are looking for an easy fix. Just making a couple of changes will not help you reach your weight loss goals. In the market, you’ll come across a wide range of products that claim to help you shed extra pounds. However, most of these programs, foods and drinks don’t do anymore than just making some quick bucks.

Losing weight isn’t magic. You can never expect to burn calories and transform your body – unless you are truly serious about weight loss. There is no single trick or shortcut that you can use to shed excess body fat. According to fitness experts, you should work really hard and put in the effort on a consistent basis. Of course, there are some effective workouts that can yield excellent results. When planning to burn calories and build lean muscle, the most important thing you need to do is focus on striking the right balance between consumption of calories and expenditure of calories. Above all, you should get caught up in trends.

Exercise or workout regimen has always been effective in helping people lose weight. It is only that you should pick the right kind of workouts and stick to the routine for a specific period of time, consistently. Experts suggest four workouts that work best when you want to lose extra weight.

#1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Also referred to as cardio interval training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) offers remarkable results for people interested in losing weight. You might have heard about this special form of workout in many places. But it is important to know what it really means and how to do it right.

HIIT is a special type of training, in which you’ll do high-intensity exercise with brief periods of rest in between. During an HIIT workout, you would constantly be switching between excellent cardio conditioning and brief periods of rest to get your body ready again for the next spurt. To do this workout in a proper manner, you should seek the help of a personal fitness trainer or head over to a fitness gym. A good example of an HIIT workout is running on a treadmill at a moderately intense speed for a duration of one minute. Use the next one minute to return to a comfortable pace on the treadmill and resume with moderate intensity once again. In this way, you should continue exercising for a span of 30 minutes.

Working with a personal trainer will ensure whether you are doing the HIIT workout hard enough to see the best results. Trainers often use a scale to track your performance and help you do HIIT workout right.

#2. Weight Training

To burn more calories for the long term, you should combine HIIT workouts with weight training. The muscle mass in your body is related to how many calories you burn when at rest. When you are planning to lose weight, your metabolic rate at rest has a crucial role to play. The point is the more muscle mass you have, the easier it is for you to keep your body weight under control.

That is exactly where weight training comes into the picture. Weight training allows you to build more lean muscle, which in turn, expedites the calories burning process while you are resting. Weight training a kind of strength training which is done using dumbbells, weight bars, weight stacks etc. So, the heavier weights you lift, the better results you’ll see. Lifting heavy weights is proven to speed up the process of calories burning. The process continues even after you have finished your workout session. You can perform weight training at home gym or fitness center.

If you are a beginning, use these weight training tips:

  • Start with a weight that you are comfortable lifting
  • Learn to do each weight training exercise in a correct manner
  • Seek to balance when lifting weight
  • Don’t forget to do warm-up before lifting weight
  • Don’t lift weights or complete sessions in a hurry
  • Don’t exercise the same muscles continuously

When doing weight training, you should always learn and adhere to correct techniques. If you do the training incorrectly, you may sprains or strains and even fractures. It is best to attend a fitness gym or fitness center where you’ll be guided and helped by weight training specialists and experts.

#3. Yoga, Pilates and General Stretching

Cardio interval workouts and weight training are highly effective in helping people burn calories fast. You can’t expect yoga, pilates and stretching to do the same. So, why exactly should you do these exercises?

Though yoga, pilates and stretching will not help you burn lots of calories, the purpose of doing these exercises is to attain strength, accuracy and confidence. According to fitness trainers, doing yoga and pilates and stretching provide results for people who want to lose weight. This is due to the fact that these exercises and workouts make your body stronger and more limber. When you have more physical strength and keep a healthy mindset, you’ll be able to do HIIT workouts and weight training with a lot more effectiveness. Yoga too is a form of resistance training which will benefit you and help you reach your weight loss goals ultimately.

#4. Workouts that You Enjoy

While HIIT workouts and weight training will definitely propel your weight loss efforts, the most important thing is consistency. To get great results, you’ll need to stick to your high-intensity training and workout regimen.

According to fitness experts, you should try to find those workouts that truly make you feel good. Consistency can be achieved only when you enjoy what you are doing to achieve a particular goal. Studies reveal that it is a consistent exercise routine which makes the biggest difference in long-term weight control. Different types of workouts give different results. There are some workouts that will be more effective in helping you lose weight than others. Whether it is aerobic exercise, strength training, aerial yoga, leg workouts, arm workouts, back workouts or stretching, you need to find among all these what you love doing the most.

The workouts that you love doing the most are the best workouts that will actually help you lose and control weight for the long term.

Looking for a Personal Trainer?

Working with a personal fitness trainer offers plenty of benefits. When you are planning to lose weight and attain physical fitness, the most ideal option is to join a fitness club or a fitness gym in or near your location. A personal trainer will educate you on how to do high-intensity interval training, weight training, aerial yoga, pilates, glutes and other forms of workouts with maximum effectiveness while eliminating the risk of injuries. Above all, a trainer will create a personalized plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals fast. If you want to lose weight fast and transform your body, you should visit RPM, the finest gym in Birmingham, MI.

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